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Our in-house engineering expertise means that we can make even the most challenging concept a reality. Whatever the space or the brief, we will bring your ideas to life, while guaranteeing the highest standard of finish. From ninja training systems, to bespoke rigs in unusual spaces, luxury home gyms and multifunctional studio spaces, we thrive on a difficult project.

Our UK manufacturing centre means we have the capacity to create and adapt whenever is required to produce optimum results. We are often called upon to solve problems where other suppliers have fallen short, and we have never failed to deliver a solution.

We work with you to understand your desired outcome, and we work backwards from there to ensure we deliver a solution which always exceeds expectations.

“We have worked with EXF Fitness in pretty much all of our GYMBOX clubs to date and they never fail to deliver on their promises. The standard of their work is exceptional and they have become a supplier that we can rely upon to make our job so much easier. From challenging flooring projects to bespoke storage or equipment design, they have become our “go to” people to get the job done. Usually getting the job done within some testing time constraints. I would suggest one of the most reliable and trusted Fitness Solutions companies out there.”

David Cooper, Co-Founder, GymBox

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