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EXF flooring solutions can be used for more than just fitness purposes. Our extensive ranges can provide noise reduction, vibration absorption and protection and insulation from the elements, inside or out. The EXF Performance Flooring ranges all comply to EN, DIN and REACH standards – ensuring performance and conformance in one flooring product.

The manufacturer we use is the only one worldwide that handles the entire process chain from granule manufacture to the finished end product. With our EXF flooring range we satisfy the highest quality standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005. Our manufacturer has a very high degree of technical competence and innovation. Together we are able to make a sustainable contribution to preserving the environment and conserving resources while implementing the most stringent quality standards at the same time.

With space at a premium, mixed use facilities and installations within residential or commercial properties is becoming more common.  Designers, architects, specifiers and contractors are all having to be more aware of the benefits a good flooring can bring in meeting tightening guidelines for acoustic and vibration regulations.  Our new EXF flooring range provides the solutions and to help you meet those tight impact and noise absorption targets.  Take a look at our products and see how we can help you today.

Why Choose EXF Performance Flooring?

We have spent 30 years discovering and using the best flooring products, fitters and installation processes we could find.  Continuing to research and develop our product offer, we are committed to supplying these to you with the EXF flooring products, either as a standalone installation, or as part of your fitness facility design.

Working with innovative and respected manufacturers in the rubber flooring industry we strive to bring the latest and most appropriate products to our clients. With industry specialists in the field, we work to develop these products to the highest standards we can, ensuring we stay on top of the changes in standards and client requirements.  This is how the EXF Performance Flooring range was developed and why it is made to fulfil your needs for both compliance and performance.

The EXF Performance Flooring Range

EXF Essential Performance Flooring – is ideal for general use in any training space with the performance of the rest of the range at a cost conscious price point.

EXF Freedom Performance Flooring – made to give you the freedom to equip all areas of your facility, durable with excellent grip, ideal for general use in any training space.

EXF Function Performance Flooring – specifically designed to cope with the multi-functional uses and demands of functional training zones.

EXF Strength Performance Flooring – made to take the punishment of heavy weights and performance training.

EXF Agility Performance Flooring – The pristine conditions of a natural grass, indoors, ideal for sprinting, sled and track work.

EXF Control Performance Flooring– The ultimate underlay, made to absorb impact, sound and wear and tear, to ensure your flooring performs at its best.

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