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Training Without Walls

Training outside is proven to have significant positive mental and physical health benefits.  Outdoor gym equipment and facilities are also becoming increasingly more available throughout the UK and worldwide. Setting up fitness equipment and facilities outside can provide people of all ages with opportunities to take part in physical activity in the great outdoors, which they may not normally consider doing.  Whether a commercial or a community space, ensuring a space is used and utilised is important, as is its safety and security.  For commercial facilities, having a facility to train outside can increase profits, enable more space for training, offer a different training experience or open up opportunities for training different sports associations and clubs, like football or rugby.   For community spaces the idea is to encourage free use of the facilities, to improve the physical well being of the people in that community.

What are the benefits for training outdoors?

Going to the gym, or working out at home is great, but it isn’t ideal for everyone. Some people get intimidated by a gym, or can’t get motivated at home for example.  However, most people love to get out and about in the great outdoors.  There are many benefits to working out outside, such as:

  1. Strengthens mental health  – makes you happier
  2. Reduces stress – makes you less stressed
  3. Improve your mental abilities – proven to increases memory and attention span 
  4. Boosts your Vitamin D intake – from sunshine and natural light
  5. Strengthens your immune system – increases white blood cells
  6. Improves your sleep – resets your body clock
  7. Improves eye health – helps reduce effects from computers and artificial lights
  8. You will age more gracefully – all the above helps reduce the effects of ageing.

Whether you are encouraging groups or individuals to work out outside, all these benefits are personal and positive changes which aren’t reliant on the exercises alone, but a natural side effect of the outdoors environment.  With all the benefits of feeling positive, energised and healthier, this can only help to improve and retain those encouraged to use the equipment or attend the classes to come back more. So isn’t it time you took away the walls, and take your training outside?

We can offer 2 main types of functional equipment for you to choose from, the XCUBE OXYGEN and the Mobile Fitness Unit (MFU).  Although there are standard options shown, as we specialise in bespoke and made to measure fitness solutions, never worry if they don’t seem be exactly what you want, we can certainly make them the perfect fit, just ask!


Train in the fresh air in any weather, any environment.

Mobile Fitness Units (MFUs)

Train with the benefits but without the walls.

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