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Modern fitness consumers have high expectations for the variety of equipment available at their gym, meaning there is a lot of equipment vying for space on the gym floor. Your rig is likely to be your single biggest piece of equipment and is often the focal point of the gym. Ensuring you get the right set up and placement can be crucial to the whole layout and flow of people around your facility. When created correctly, your gym will flourish, but with poor planning, a functional training zone can seriously limit your space’s capabilities.

Start with the end in mind

Begin by thinking about what you want your functional rig to be able to deliver. Small group functional training sessions, suspension training classes, PT sessions and casual use, will all see your rig being used in different ways. Think about how many people you would like to use it at one time and what activities they need to be able to do simultaneously. Ensure it can be easily adapted for each user group. Most recently, we were asked to create our largest and most versatile rig to date. Incorporating a number of different elements, the rig we designed included multi-functional bars, racks and a custom-built climbing peg board at the end. The versatility of the rig allowed for rope work, ring work, individual training, as well as group-based sessions. 

Be creative

Gym rigs often look very similar to each other, failing to stand out and capture members attention and interest. Yet, a functional rig is one of the most adaptable pieces of equipment, limited only by imagination. A recent EXF installation saw us incorporating a number of half racks into the rig itself to meet user demand. There’s really no right and wrong with what your rig should include, which is why it’s so important to stay focused on user experience over kit selection.  

Equally, you can be creative with how your rig is fitted, which is especially helpful if the space in your facility is unusual.  We’ve fitted rigs to everything, from existing ceiling beams to internal walls.  If you have a clear goal in mind, a good partner should be able to find a way to achieve it. Don’t settle for a regular, mass-produced rig if you’re not convinced it will make optimum use of space.

Insist on beauty!

With the rig often the centre piece of a gym, how it looks is as important as how it performs. Always consider incorporating storage solutions for loose items to help keep your gym floor and rig space tidy. Once you are happy with the functionality of your rig, it’s worth spending time with your chosen supplier, refining how it looks and selecting the right materials and paint colours to ensure your members and colleagues get as excited about it as you. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a functional training rig and would like to discuss further please email or call us on 01473 735 115.

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