The Original XCUBE Functional Training Solution

The XCUBE is the original functional training solution.  These units are often referred to as functional training rigs.

The XCUBE was the first in this field to offer multi-functional training options in one piece of equipment.  It was designed and structured to maximise the flexibility of one space whilst fulfilling a number of new and developing training methods.

The XCUBE design combines functional training know-how with over 30 years of fitness equipment design, manufacture and construction expertise.

Groups, individuals, PT’s, can perform tailored and general training programmes using the XCUBE.  Mixed abilities are able to train side by side, in a safe and fun environment, using the truly adaptable XCUBE designs.

The key to a successful fitness facility is maximising the uses of your space.  Endless exercise options are provided by the XCUBE design whilst leaving more than enough free floor space to carry out a total and effective workout.


The Ladder Led System

XCUBE APEX is the pinnacle of ladder focused functional training rigs. Providing a great variety in the levels of workouts for suspension, body-weight and resistance training.


Made to Adapt & Develop

The XCUBE LYNX is designed to give the most to a small space. Made to adapt to any training need, this compact functional training rig can grow with you and your business.


Adapts to Fit Any Space

The XCUBE ONYX offers a great option for facilities with issues in ceiling height, and offers more internal space as the legs are positioned outside of the frames main footprint.

Stockport Sports Trust