XCUBE APEX The Pinnacle of Ladder Functional Training Rigs

Climbing the Ladder of Functional Fitness

The XCUBE Apex provides another dimension to the functional training rig.  With a focus on delivering more ladders and walls for your training, this enables more options for positions and heights for suspension trainer attachments, resistance equipment, body-weight exercises and more. The XCUBE APEX is the pinnacle of the ladder training systems.

What can a the XCUBE APEX offer?

Providing wall ladder support is key element to the APEX providing more options for wall and ladder workouts.  These additional ladders allow one or more people to use these runs for body-weight and suspension training exercises, allowing a variety of intensities dependant on the height of the run chosen.

The additional ladder runs also provide other anchoring points for rope, resistance, suspension or other accessories without needing additional attachments or anchoring systems. This can save the EXF Functional leg systems to house other useful attachments such as step-up or storage, also saving valuable wall space.  Like the other XCUBE designs it is both adaptable and flexible.  The Standard XCUBE Apex attachments include:

  • Monkey Bars
  • Dip Station
  • Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • Step Up Attachment
  • Overhead Rope Pull
  • Rope Friction Pull
  • Free-Sliding Pull-Up Bars
  • Resistance Cord Fittings
  • Ladder System

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