XCUBE Attachment List – Standard & Optional

The XCUBE attachment list details all of the standard and optional items which are available for the different XCUBE designs.  The XCUBE is designed to accommodate a number of different attachments.  These attachments cover different anchors, resistance, suspension, body-weight and functional training exercises. We can also provide attachments for additional storage and targets for ball work.  Some of these attachments lock into place on the unique XCUBE leg locking system, where as others can be included in the design and build of your desired XCUBE.  These can be an additional element to a standard rig, or as part of a completely bespoke design solution.

The list below is all our currently available standard or optional attachments. These are listed by XCUBE type, the tick indicates this is currently available as an option (either standard or optional) on that XCUBE type, and the dashes indicate this is currently unavailable.  However if there is an attachment or use you do require, which you cannot see listed here or on the XCUBE Data Sheets, then please call us to discuss your requirements.  We design and manufacture every rig we produce on site here in the UK and therefore we can work with you to ensure your needs are met.

  Std. Opt. Std. Opt. Std. Opt.
Ladder System
Monkey Bars
Suspension Training Bar(s)
Suspension Training Rail Ext.
Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station
Hip Flexor/Leg Raise Unit
Step-Up Attachment
Resistance Core Trainer Fitting
Snake Leg
Farmers Friction Rope Pull
Overhead Rope Pull
Rope Friction Pull
Resistance Cord Attachments
Battling Ropes Attachment
Integrated Half Rack
Pair of Free Sliding Pull Up Bars
Pair of Elite Rings
Vertical Bungee Slide System
Sandbell/Steelbell Shute
Additional XCUBE Freestyle Leg
Adjustable Med Ball Target Plate
Sliding Punching Bag Rail
Bosu Rebounder
Individual Swiss Ball Rack
Individual Med Ball Rack
Individual Sand/Steelbell Rack